operational update

Capstones programming is on hold until further notice. The Office Undergraduate Research supports undergraduate students interested in research: OUR.utah.edu. Please also visit the following pages for additional project funding opportunities:

OUR Travel & Small Grants

Funding available for research related expenses. Travel grants are available up to $500. Small grants are available up to $200. Applications considered monthly.

Get Seeded

Get Seeded is a student milestone seed program, the student must take the lead in the submission and must play a major role in formulating the business. This is a monthly student seed grant pitch event (up to $2,500 in funding is available) and is based on the work of students. The funds awarded must be used to advance the business idea.


Lassonde+X is an introductory 3 course academic program for all undergraduate students from all backgrounds and majors (the X) to explore and practice entrepreneurship. Capstones funding can be used to support the project identified in the second course (ENTP 1020).


The mission of Capstone Programs at the University of Utah is to support undergraduate students in their pursuit of curricular and co-curricular Capstone projects through engagement with students, faculty, and academic programs in all disciplines throughout the University of Utah.

What is a Capstone?

Capstones are culminating projects where students synthesize, integrate, and apply the knowledge and experiences accumulated over the course of their undergraduate career. Students typically pursue Capstone projects during the junior/senior year. Some Capstones occur in the context of a Capstone course; others are co-curricular. Importantly, Capstone Projects help students achieve the three Capstone Learning Outcomes.

Capstone projects may include undergraduate research, service projects, and entrepreneurial ventures. The products of Capstones include Senior/Honors theses, scholarly presentations, performances or other events. Capstone projects are supervised by at least one University of Utah faculty member, and interdisciplinary and group Capstones are welcome.


Who is eligible to complete a Capstone project?

You! All undergraduate students at the University of Utah are encouraged to complete a Capstone project, and we are here to help!

We support students pursuing Capstone projects in the following ways:

  • Capstone Advising to help students identify and pursue culminating experiences
  • A clearinghouse for opportunities for Capstone experiences and experiences that contribute to Capstone experiences (e.g. internship programs, etc.).
  • Funding for student Capstone projects
  • Support for curricular Capstones