Capstone Learning Outcomes

operational update

Capstones programming is on hold until further notice. The Office Undergraduate Research supports undergraduate students interested in research: Please also visit the following pages for additional project funding opportunities:

OUR Travel & Small Grants

Funding available for research related expenses. Travel grants are available up to $500. Small grants are available up to $200. Applications considered monthly.

Get Seeded

Get Seeded is a student milestone seed program, the student must take the lead in the submission and must play a major role in formulating the business. This is a monthly student seed grant pitch event (up to $2,500 in funding is available) and is based on the work of students. The funds awarded must be used to advance the business idea.


Lassonde+X is an introductory 3 course academic program for all undergraduate students from all backgrounds and majors (the X) to explore and practice entrepreneurship. Capstones funding can be used to support the project identified in the second course (ENTP 1020).

Learning OUTCOME 1: Integration

Students have integrated and/or applied what they have learned in their general education and major/minor coursework (and co-curricular activities, as appropriate).

Learning OUTCOME 2: Preparation

Students are prepared for life-long learning, future personal, academic and/or professional pursuits, and their roles as members of various communities.

Learning OUTCOME 3: Reflection

Students are able to communicate how the Capstone project contributes to a sense of closure, accomplishment, purpose, and agency.

These outcomes are adapted from Freeman, T. M., S. Kahn, and C. C. Williams.2017.  Supporting Integration of Learning, Identity Development, and Assessment: ePortfolios in Capstone Seminars at IUPUI. Presented at AAC&U ePortfolio Forum. January 2017.

To read more about projects accomplished in previous academic years, please see  Ivory Homes Capstone Impact reports .